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Commodities Prices - Indian onions outpriced in global market on higher domestic price, shipping woes

18-01-2021 03:06

Onions prices have been climbing since the beginning of 2021 after the government lifted the ban on exports that was imposed in September when rates began to surge.

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Amended essential commodities Act 'legally' allows hoarders to charge exorbitant prices

Private investors have not been interested in investing in agricultural infrastructure, though they were not prevented to do so ...

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North Korea witnesses disturbing fluctuations in commodity prices, exchange rates

With the start of the new year, market prices in North Korea appear to be unstable. The USD-KRW exchange rate has plummeted once again, and the price of a kilogram of rice has fallen below the KPW ...

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Closing prices for crude oil, gold and other commodities

Benchmark U.S. crude oil for February delivery fell $1.21 to $52.36 a barrel Thursday. Brent crude oil for March delivery fell $1.32 to $55.10 a barrel. Wholesale gasoline for February delivery fell 3 ...

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Prices of 150 Saudi commodities rise in December 2020

Shopping cart Prices of 12 goods and services in Saudi Arabia decreased year-on-year (YoY) in December 2020, while prices of 150 out of 166 c ...

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