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Commodities Prices - Soft commodity prices back to pre-war levels

24-06-2022 02:46

After a turbulent first half of 2022 marked by the supply disruptions and inflationary shocks caused by Russia's attack on Ukraine, soft commodity prices fell back to pre-Ukraine conflict levels.

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AUD/USD Price Pushing Below 0.69 Amid Collapsing Commodity Prices

The AUD/USD price is down on Friday after yesterday's bearish close. The commodity-sensitive pair is reacting to the recent collapse.

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Commodity prices slide to pre-Ukraine war levels

The soft commodity prices slumped back to pre-Ukraine conflict levels, including wheat which is down by 26.4 per cent, corn lower by 14.5 per cent, and sugar by 9.4 per cent. Cotton futures hit a ...

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Softening of global agri prices seen as key commodities reach pre-war levels

Important soft agri-commodities like soybean, cotton, sugar, wheat and palm oil have fallen between 11-40% from their recent highs. And most of these commodities are trading near the pre-war level ...

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Commodity Prices Cooling Off; Nickel Down 50% From 2022 Peak, Zinc Lower By 22%

After shooting through the roof in the past few months on the global supply chain disruptions due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the commodity prices have now started cooling off. Nickel prices are ...

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