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Commodities Prices - Sugar - A Sweet Period For The Brazilian Real Could Lift The Soft Commodity

14-03-2019 03:48

The most liquid trading market in the world of sugar is in the world #11 contracts, which can be a highly volatile commodity. Since the 1970s, the price of world free-market sugar has traded from ...

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Morning markets: Grain futures make positive start. Have price lows been set?

After the strong recovery in grain prices on Tuesday, followed by a bit of retreat in the last session, there is one big question. And that is “will recent lows hold”, said Mike Mawdsley at First Choi...

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Recent price rises fail to boost Japan inflation

But the trend also highlights a paradox: there is no sign of any increase in broader measures of Japanese inflation such as the consumer price index, which was up by just 0.4 per cent compared with a ...

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Land Trends and Values Survey shows decrease in cropland prices in Iowa

On the negative side, Hansen said that the decrease in prices mean that farmers are experiencing lower commodity prices and overall lower net incomes. One of the positive aspects, though, is that a lo...

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Afghanistan- Control on Prices!

Every passing day witnesses decrease in the income of the working class while prices of commodities rise without any kind of regulation or logic. It seems as if there is not present any government ...

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