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Commodities Prices - The Domestic Commodity Futures has Closed and the Increase Rate of Iron Ore Prices Exceeded 4%

23-05-2022 01:56

The domestic commodity futures has closed and most fell. In terms of metal, SHFE lead, SHFE aluminium and SHFE copper rose by o.97%, 0.65% and 0.39% respe ...

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China’s Covid Zero policy is an anchor on commodities prices

Industrial commodities prices in China have regained some of their poise after Shanghai issued a road map for opening up and the central bank cut interest rates on long-term loans. The monetary easing ...

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High fuel, commodity prices dampen Museveni’s first year in his sixth term

The president, expected to address the nation today evening after the end of the first year of his current term, has been facing calls from businesses and the public to tame the escalating ...

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Stocks hit by commodity price spiral, dollar woes

The country’s stock market has plunged in recent weeks as soaring commodity prices and falling value of the taka against the dollar made investors ...

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Shashi Tharoor compares commodity prices between UPA and NDA time; says, 'One more difference'

Between 2014 and 2022, the price of packed vanaspati rose by 118%, according to a chart tweeted by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor.

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