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Commodities Prices - The M&A Boom in Commodities: How to Profit

18-04-2019 04:06

Two macroeconomic megatrends are converging that will drive up the price of hard assets ... Below, I’ll share my thoughts on where the next buyout in the commodity sector may occur and how you can ...

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Commodity pressure

Iron ore and crude oil prices dropped in overnight trading. The causes came from both sides of the demand and supply equations. The market action contradicted stronger China data, creating a quandary ...

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Cheapest places to fill up revealed as Easter petrol prices hit 5-year high

AA fuel price spokesman Luke Bosdet said: "A $10 jump in the price of oil since February and sudden drawdown of petrol stocks in the US, leading to a surge in the commodity price, has sent the Easter ...

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Asia Coffee: Low prices in Vietnam, elections in Indonesia slow trade

“Prices have been so low because of strong sales from Brazil, whose currency has weakened significantly against the U.S. dollar, prompting sales of dollar-denominated commodities,” said a ...

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Nestle and Unilever Raise Prices Without Stunting Growth

While sugar prices have risen over the past year, other commodities such as cocoa and coffee have fallen. “What companies like ourselves face is the impact of the input-costs increases and ...

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