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Crude Oil - Biden's War on Oil Prices Pushes Crude Down; Will Americans Get Affordable Gasoline?

29-11-2021 03:13

President Joe Biden has assured Americans that prices of gasoline will fall in near future, although it will take time. On November 27, the president wrote on Twitter that his administration would tap ...

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Crude oil prices to range between $75-80/bbl by end of 2021, says Energy Aspect analyst

According to Virendra Chauhan, Oil Analyst at Energy Aspect, the fundamentals for the oil market remain very constructive and that things are looking very strong and he doesn't expect it to change ...

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FTSE 100 Live: Stocks and oil higher after Covid omicron sell-off, BT surges on bid talk

Global markets showed signs of steadying today after Friday's violent reaction to the discovery of the Covid omicron variant.

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Doing nothing may be best path for OPEC+ to tame volatile crude oil: Russell

At stake is whether OPEC+ should delay or amend its current plan to produce 400,000 bpd more per month for five months from August to December ...

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WTI Crude Oil Forecast: Market Sells Off Hard

The West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil market was decimated on Friday, as traders got rid of anything related to the reopening trade.

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