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Gold Price - Gold Pares Gains But Further Upside Could Follow

16-05-2019 04:17

Gold has also settled over the last couple of days as the initial ... Oil heading for third positive day Oil prices are trading higher again on Thursday, building on yesterday’s gains which came in ...

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Column: Commodities for the Trump-China trade war: Gold for bears, copper for bulls

The problem with the bull case for gold is the evidence in the price charts is not quite so compelling. Spot gold ended at $1,296.41 an ounce on Wednesday, a mere 1% higher than where it was at ...

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Gold steadies as trade optimism dims on Huawei sanctions

However, “gold seems to have reached a temporary detente at these levels with momentum weak to push it either way. The geopolitical premium appears to be baked into the price for now,” Jeffrey Halley, ...

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Bitcoin Price Will Hit $500,000 Cause it Beats Gold: Hedge Fund Chief

Bitcoin has broken through the $7,000 mark | Source: CoinMarketCap Bitcoin bulls estimate that the price of each coin could hit $20,000 very soon thanks to rising demand. But there are some who ...

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Forget Gold - Get These Stocks to Ride Out the Volatility

but this would leave investors with a diminishing amount of gold. The rate of decrease of the amount of gold holdings in your portfolio would depend on the fluctuations in the commodity markets. If ...

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