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Crude Oil - Oil resumes gain as Israel prepares for potential Iran attack

12-04-2024 03:11

Oil resumed gains as Israel braced for a potential strike by Iran or its proxies, and traders looked ahead to an International Energy Agency report on the ...

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FxWirePro- Crude oil Daily Outlook

WTI crude oil recovered more than $1.5 on geopolitical tensions escalation.It hit a low of $84.81yesterday and is currently trading at $85.93. The fear of attack on Israel by Iran supports crude oil ...

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Nigeria’s crude oil production drops to 1.23 million bpd for March – OPEC

Nigeria’s crude oil production for March dropped to 1.23 million barrels daily according to latest data from the OPEC’s monthly ...

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Crude oil up as Israel toys with options other than Gaza

Mangaluru crude oil futures rise as Israel prepares for potential conflict, impacting global oil supply and market prices.

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Crude oil correction could corral canola markets

In the world of commodities, crude oil rules, even when it comes to agriculture. It is needed to power the tools and the equipment to seed, harvest, ...

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