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Oil Price - Oil prices regain $90 level

16-04-2024 00:44

Oil prices rose on Tuesday to cross the $90 per barrel level, after ending yesterday’s session with a decline amidst the new flare ups in the Middle East.

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Israel pushing for more sanctions against Iran

Israel's foreign minister said on Tuesday he was urging countries to place sanctions on Iran's missile programme and proscribe its Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organisation after Iran's first-ever direct attack on Israel.

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UK stock markets lag behind Europe and US as oil prices slide

The pound was up 0.1% against the US dollar to 1.2465, and up about 0.1% against the euro to 1.171. The price of Brent crude oil was down 1.2% to 89.30 US dollars (£71.67) at close.

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Oil price falls despite Middle East tensions; Tesla ‘to cut 10% of staff’; Goldman Sachs profits jump – business live

Iran, while 14,000 jobs could be cut at Tesla

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Olive oil prices soar as shoppers pay up to £16 a bottle for 'liquid gold'

The news comes as a photo went viral last week showing cupboard staple olive oil for sale in a Tesco store for almost as high as £13 per bottle

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