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EURUSD     2022-07-04
Todays Stock Signal - Trend Forecast
Date Signal Price
2022-07-04 Trend Down 1.04206

Our trend forecaster has posted another TREND DOWN signal today confirming the selling pressure.

To find out more about this signal please read Signal Descriptions

If the price has failed to break below the original TREND DOWN signal bar in this trend, watch carefully for a breakout now.
If we are trending below the first signal watch for further breaks below bar lows for continued confirmation.

Alternatively, watch for early signs of trend failure with a close ABOVE a previous TREND DOWN signal bar.

Please be aware you use this forecast at your own risk, it is for information purposes only and forecasts are not a recommendation to buy or sell a stock, index or future contract. Please read signal descriptions for further understanding of the forecasts.

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