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The British Pound and Euro are closely linked western currencies. With the United Kingdom being part of the EU, many people from other nations move freely into and out of the country. In turn, many United Kingdom citizens own 2nd properties in various EU countries such as Spain and France. The GBP EUR rate will be especially important to these people, as payments will have to made in Euros for mortgages, bills and even pensions if they retire overseas.

The chart above shows you the real time market rate for GBPEUR currency pair. What you must understand is this forex rate is not normally available for customers who wish to use money transfer services. To get direct market access, you will need to have a specialist broker account. For most people, it doesn't make sense. Maybe for a huge internationasl business, but not for the average person.

However, there are a few currency specialists around who can give a really close rate, which don't charge any fee. Making it much more economical than sending money overseas with a bank to exchange into Euros.

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