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This is a real time USD JPY chart which includes a whole host of features such as indicators and drawing tools. Use the menu above the chart to switch timeframes and display candles, bars or lines.

You can zoom in using the + and - buttons located on the forex chart, this will show more data in the main window which is useful for longer term technical analysis. On the site we also have other Forex Charts found here.

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This cross of the US Dollar and Japanese Yen is one of the most traded forex pairs in Asia and globally. It represents the strength between two economic powerhouse currencies. The FX rate will be determined by how much money is flowing in and out of each country, decided by economic conditions such as interest rates and GDP.

Our live forex chart of USD JPY updates each minute of the day from Monday to Friday. Forex is a 24 hour market, and this pair trades in high volume round the clock due to the two opposite timezones of each base currency.

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