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Some people think that a money transfer is as simple as sending money in a virtual form. This may be true, of course, but the discussion on money transfers and the different methods is far deeper.

The underlying principle behind money transfers is the fact that money, in whatever denomination or currency, is transferred via the cashless payment mode. There are different kinds of these, and each type suits a purpose that is most certainly its own.

The first type of money transfer is the wire transfer method. This is very popular for people who transfer money internationally, where they initiate the fund transfer from bank to bank. This is very safe and secure especially for large sums of money, like for example if your business needs to send a huge sum to help pay a particular invoice and you simply cannot just bring a bag of cash with you.

The second type of money transfer method is the electronic money transfer. This is also cashless, but the scale in which it is often utilized is a lot smaller. This is usually used when making payments that are bank card based. When you think of electronic money transfer, the most common thing that pops into mind would be a parent sending money to their college child away in another country so he can pay the apartment rent or settle his fees for the following term.

Other Means of Transfers

Money transfers can also be done through other means, and these have special names as well. For example, Giro is the name of the system where you make a direct deposit. Money Gram is the name of the company where you can transfer funds through the use of postal checks and when it comes to money transfer systems even the Arabs came up with their own, calling it al-Barakat. This is a money transfer system that is of the more informal kind and traces its origins in the Arab world.

If you are thinking which one is probably the best kind to use, let it be known that the use of each will depend on the facilities that are available to you and the appropriateness of it. For example, you might not want to send several thousand dollars using a money order because the wire transfer method might seem most appropriate and secure way to make this type of transaction. Likewise, you will probably prefer to use the electronic funds transfer for smaller denominations than use a heavyweight international system for money transfer.

These days' people are so busy with their everyday lives. Most of them are into internet and mobile banking. The use of currency services, PayPal and bank to bank transactions are the most sought after method and fastest way of sending money today.

Trusted companies eliminate the worries you can encounter especially if you are sending large sums of money. During holidays such as Christmas season, it's best to send your money earlier than the occasion. This will eliminate delays and problems that may arise due to congestion of transactions. During this time, lots of people are sending and receiving money globally and sometimes these companies cannot accommodate the amount of money going through their system. It's best to use other means when you need to send money closer to Christmas day and other special holidays.

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