Best Way To Transfer Money To Brazil

Discover the best way to transfer money to Brazil and eliminate expensive fees for sending Reals to Brazil from any location around the globe.


When you send an international transfer to Brazil you will be sending Reals. Brazil is located in South America and it's their official currency.

Nobody likes huge bank fees. Why should you? Finally, you can get zero commission on transfers from a currency specialist that is secure and trusted.


This is the best and secure way to make an international transfer with zero commission :

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Torfx are FCA registered and have decades experience as a currency specialist operating in South America. If you want to send an international transfer to Brazil this is the best way to do it.


Facts About Brazil


The official central bank is Central Bank of Brazil and sets monetary policies, with help from the Congresso Nacional. Brazil exports over one hundred and ninety one billion Dollars in goods, which accounts for thirteen percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The population of Brazil is over two hundred and eleven million, which is 2.8% of the worlds population.

Transfer Money to Brazil - Things to Consider

When you transfer money to Brazil from the UK there are quite a few things you should consider. To begin with; legal compliance, one should use a money transfer service registered and regulated with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority since this will guarantee the application of robust security standards and provide consumer protection mechanisms.


Also, in economic terms, one should consider the current exchange rate between the between the British Pound (GBP) and the Brazilian Real (BRL). The rate of GBP and the BRL can suffer from fluctuation due to Brazilian economic indicators, political situation, and market conditions. Quite often, the rate varies with wide swings, which gives the possibility of losing on the transfer of money. This also highlights the necessity of monitoring the current state of economy in Brazil and timely use of transfer services’ features, such as rate alerts or advance booking for a fixed rate.


Another thing to consider is the relevant fees implied by your chosen money transfer provider: while some companies offer a fixed rate, others charge a percentage of the transferred sum or embed additional fees in the exchange rate. Thus, it is advisable to make a point to compare the alternatives available on the market, and seek the service most appropriate to one’s needs.


Finally, in local terms, it is crucial to remember the Central Bank of Brazil tightly monitors international transfers, requiring adhering to the local guidelines, including AML, for a successful transfer. Importantly, it is advisable to prepare all the necessary documentation to establish the legitimacy of the transaction and the legal frame and reasons for the transfer, especially for larger amounts of money.


Therefore, the successful and best way to transfer money to Brazil from the UK is contingent upon the proper use of the necessary documentation and using a carefully chosen transfer service (in terms of their fees) and the readiness of latest rates to secure a good deal.

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