Best Way To Transfer Money To Australia

Discover the best way to transfer money to Australia and eliminate expensive fees for sending Australian Dollars to Australia from any anywhere in the world.


When you send an international money transfer to Australia you will be sending Australian Dollars. Australia is located in Oceania and it's their official currency.

Nobody likes excessive commissions. Why should you? Finally, you can get no commission on transfers from a dedicated currency service that is secure and trusted.


This is the best and secure way to make an international money transfer with no commission :

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Torfx are FCA registered and have plenty experience as a dedicated currency service operating in Oceania. If you want to send an international money transfer to Australia this is the best way to do it.


Facts About Australia


The official central bank is Reserve Bank of Australia and sets monetary policies, with help from the Parliament. Australia exports over one hundred and eighty seven billion Dollars in goods, which accounts for nineteen percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The population of Australia is over twenty four and a half million, which is 0.3% of the worlds population.

Points to Consider Transferring Money to Australia

While transferring money from the UK to Australia, one must take into account that there are several things to consider beyond making the transaction. Knowledge on legal, economic, and currency-related aspects that may affect the transfer, as well as the amount of money that one could receive, is essential.


Legally, one should ensure that the service provider to be used is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and that your money serves all respective protections as required to transfer money securely. The transfer to Australia may also become a subject for legal prosecution due to anti-money laundering regulations, and some transfers have to be detained. Both the origin of money and the transfer’s destination are essential pieces of information that have to be submitted.


From the economic point of view, using the right time to conduct a transfer to Australia can be of crucial importance as market rates are ever-changing due to various new data, news, and perspectives. Thus, it can be reasonable to conduct some research and analysis or consult currency-related specialists for advice. Some services can also provide additional options to lock rates or be alerted about favourable ones. Moreover, the difference in exchange rate between the British pound (GBP) and the Australian dollar (AUD) defines the loss or gain level in the process of the transfer, so the transfer’s timing must be planned accordingly.


From the currency-related point of view, one must remember that transfer fees can differ significantly, and some services may have hidden fees and service conditions. These fees can either be fixed or a percentage of a transfer’s sum. Other service providers may increase the exchange rate or conduct the transfer with great delays.


The best way to transfer money to Australia is to search for reliable services that offer no fees for larger amounts or for such service when the transfer is registered before a definite date and time. Such services’ fees differ as well, and some of them may have exchange rates of their own; comparing conditions for using different services, one could choose the optimal one.

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