Foreign Exchange - A customer testimonial from TORFX

We moved to France last year and were very nervous about the entire process. There was a lot to research and a tonne of paper work to fill out. The biggest issue for me however was organising my finances, particularly as I didn’t have a clue how to exchange my Pounds for Euros.

At first, I was planning to use my bank to exchange the funds we needed to buy our new home in France but I was told by a good friend that we should use a specialist foreign exchange company instead. I can safely say I am happy I listened to my friend and used the forex broker! The process was incredibly simple and it only took a few minutes to get set up.

The trader at the end of the phone was very knowledgeable and friendly and our funds arrived exactly where I wanted them to be, and even better, we saved a nice little sum on the exchange rate. The entire process was quick, easy and a lot cheaper than using my bank, as they had wanted to charge me all sorts of fees. I also like how we are kept in the loop on the best times to exchange funds as we receive daily morning updates containing a useful summary of market news.

Once we were settled in our new home across the channel, I was delighted to discover that I could also transfer my pension payments to France using the same forex broker. Our account manager helped me set up a regular overseas payment programme, which takes away the hassle and expense of arranging monthly payments! As I don’t have to pay transfer fees, I’m saving around £400 a year even before you consider how much I’m gaining from securing a better exchange rate. I highly recommend using a specialist broker if you are looking to move abroad.

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