Buying Property in Spain and Transferring Currency

Most people have, at some time in their lives, been dreaming about purchasing a home overseas. However, they’ve also found that a major financial commitment is required and perhaps they hadn’t really even thought about the foreign exchange issue involved. Sound familiar?

For UK citizens buying a property in Spain seems the most popular choice. Due to ease of travel, warm climate and being a relatively safe and stable country. If you have bought a new home, then the need to transfer money to Spain on a regular basis becomes something that you should make sure you’re getting the best deal on.

Perhaps your plans involve acquiring a mortgage and sending payments in Euros (that is the currency in Spain). On the other hand, maybe you’re planning on paying cash and sending a large money transfer. Well, in either case, exchanging your pounds British pounds for Euros will be necessary. The way to proceed with your transfer(s) might have a major effect on how much you will be paying for the property in pounds British pounds.

Here are a few helpful hints on making the foreign exchange rates benefit you and even pay you dividends:

1. End Property Price

If you're exchanging substantial amounts of money to foreign currency or Euros to British pounds, whatever the exchange rate may be is responsible for a determination of the actual end price of your property.

2. Set a Budget

It may seem like a no-brainer but you should definitely set a budget if you haven't already. Again, it's important to remember that the actual overall cost for your property overseas will be different from what the asking price is.

3. Expect Exchange Rate Shifts

You should be aware that minor foreign exchange shifts are a common occurrence. In addition, they occur over short time periods. On any given day, those exchange rates rise and fall, so make sure that you're not leaving your transactions involving foreign exchange to the very last minute. Check a live GBP EUR chart regularly. You don't want to suffer from exposure to prevailing rates, which could result in a shortfall on payment due dates. And, that could result in expensive penalties.

4. Good News

Protecting yourself against the negative effects of fluctuations in currency exchange rates is feasible. Just keep an eye on the ups and downs and let the exchange rate work for you, not against you.

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