Essential Tips For Transferring Money To France

Ensure that when you move to France you have access to a reliable money transfer service in order to make your dreams come true, because France is not only a beautiful country, it has a wonderful climate and the people there are quite interesting to chat to. Let’s not forget the fantastic food they have.

Many people choose to use a bank for currency exchange, and they are likely loosing 4% or even more of their money depending on the exchange rate at the time which the bank quotes. Instead consider using a specialist currency service, or using airport agency, travel agency and some other small business because they will offer more competitive quotes. It is a major expense for those spending a lot of time in France or for those living there and have to consequently covert or transfer money to France regularly.

Using A Currency Specialist

This is why we recommend always using a currency exchange specialist, and there are many to choose from. Their exchange rate will more often than not be better and lower than banks, which in many cases come with zero fees. Make sure to check the live GBP to Euro chart often so you know when is the best time to exchange. Pay around 1% total for the currency exchange to get your money transferred to France instead of paying up to 10% which banks can charge.

If you transfer GBP regularly, it is so easy to do, and can be done automatically. Simply start by setting up a standing order direct to your bank account in France and then you can set up a direct debit from your bank to the currency exchange company.

There are two main choices of setting up a bank order, it’s either you transfer the set amount in Euros or transfer the money in your national currency. And don’t be concerned about the currency fluctuations because some currency specialists offer a locking exchange rate for about 2 years.

France is certainly one of the the best places you can ever live, that’s because of the high quality life that the country has to offer.

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