Convert My Money To Euros The Best Way Online

If you are travelling to a European destination, or sending funds overseas for property, business or even just to family, then you’ll be surprised to know that doing this through your bank is most often the worst way to do it. My bank charged me huge fees to convert my money to Euros. The best way online that is safe is to use a specialist currency service. They will have zero fees, and usually a far better rate than your bank.

For instance, say I wanted to convert my GBP into Euros and send to Spain for a business transaction. Let me show you a working example of what I would’ve been charged by my bank, compared to using a top rated currency specialist.

My Bank.

€2000 = Today’s rate £1346.93 + £14 fee = £1360.93


€2000 = Today’s rate £1308.21 + £0 fee = £1308.21

Saving made by using TorFX = £52.72

Now this is over fifty pounds saved on a simple small transaction. Imagine how fast this will stack up if you are sending tens of thousands or more? It’s a fairly decent amount.

Not Just For UK Citizens.

It doesn’t matter which country you live in, and which currencies you are converting your money into Euros from, companies such as TorFX can make the transaction painless and save you a lot of money.

All you need to do is fill out a form, and a specialist currency broker will give you a free quotation. Even if you are not planning to make the transaction right now, it pays to shop around. Getting a quote to convert your Canadian Dollars, US Dollars or British Pounds into Euros is done instantly, and once your account is in place you can make a transfer any time you want.

TorFX are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be certain they adhere to the very strict rules, put in place to make sure companies provide an outstanding service. They are also members of the UK Money Transmitters Association, and boast a 5 star rating on

So wherever your money is being sent, click here and get a free quote from TorFX before you try anything else. You’ll be hard pushed to beat the rate you get.

You can also read about the best way to transfer money to Germany in Euros on this page.

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