Money Transfers - For Large Amounts of Currency

People exchange currencies around the world on a daily basis. In fact, the foreign exchange market remains operational every day of the week, handling some $1.5 trillion worth of large money transfers in that period. But this is also where traditional money transfer services like banks get a significant chunk of their revenue from. On the other hand, paying high fees when you’re sending money via traditional methods should never be an option. Thankfully, this is where specialist money transfer services come into the picture.

Reasons why specialist money transfer services are the best way to exchange large amounts of currency.

Exchanging currency basically involves purchasing a currency of another denomination so that it can be sent to a recipient in that denomination. And most of the time, specialist money transfer services often purchase currencies in bulk. This puts them in a position where they can afford to sell currencies at a much lower margin compared to banks.


Moreover, it gets interesting when you bring interest rates into the equation. Banks typically charge anywhere between 3-5% per transaction. On the other hand, a specialist currency service often charges something in the zone of 1% or lower for the same transaction.

You see, the bulk of the cost which is involved in purchasing currencies at the bank is basically attributed to overhead. When you pay anywhere between 3-5% to get your funds transferred from country A to country B, you are essentially paying for the banks overhead costs among other things. For a large money transfer these fees begin to add up.

If you stop for a moment and think of using a specialist money transfer service, you will realize that they don’t have such overhead, and this means they can always afford to pass the savings to you.

This mode of operation translates to huge savings and is the best way to exchange large amounts of currency, especially when transferring money for purposes of investing on big projects such as when intending to buy property or paying business invoice abroad. The last scenario typically happens when you are buying the dollar in order to import goods worth a certain amount from America.

The exchange movement: where the banks capitalize on

The daily currency exchange movements make a huge difference when moving money across countries. This will automatically impact your oversees income especially when huge amounts of money are involved and you’re sending using a traditional means of currency exchange like a bank.

The reason why daily fluctuations in currency exchange rates are a problem is because predicting these changes is often not easy. For example, if you transfer money to Spain or an oversee destination in order to buy a house and realized that price had shot up between 5-10%, would you still purchase the home?

Chances are that you’d fork out an extra amount of money to cover for the volatility which rallied the price.What is more, even if you were sending money, from let’s say an American bank account to a UK

The Service We Think Is Best:

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