Converting All My Money To Australian Dollars – Which Broker Is Best?

For those looking to emigrate to Australia, you may need to convert all your money, savings or pensions to Australian Dollars to make the move. It’s time to leave the UK behind and live in a nicer climate.

Some people opt to keep their savings in the UK, and transfer only when they need it. However, if you need cash and the rate is not in your favour, then you could be losing out. If you're saying you’d like to “convert all my money to Australian Dollars”, which broker is best for that right now?

You have a few options.

You could use your bank, but be warned you are probably going to get the worst for £ to Aus rate around. It’s convenient, but you pay for that convenience. If you are converting all your money, you should really be looking at a specialist service. So which broker is best?

Our Top Pick.

Tor FX is a leading UK currency specialist which sends money globally every day. You get zero fees for sending money to another country (such as Australia), and more often than not, the best rates available through any specialist currency service. We say get a free quote.

The other thing is about Tor FX is they have set up an Australian department, so they will have local knowledge on most things. It’s safe to say they’re about the best broker to get a quote from.


Other Options.

Another large UK currency specialists is HiFX, who are a reputable firm. They’ve been around for a long time, but looking at their website they do seem to be more focused on business transactions.

CurrencyFair also have an office in Australia, so you could try getting a quote from here also. They get good reviews on Trustpilot (but so do most of the large companies).

TransferWise is one of the newer services online. It seems more focused on smaller personal transactions, but again, do you research and get a quote. If you are sending a large sum, it pays to shop around.

You can also read about the best way to transfer money to Australia on this article.

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